Frequently Asked Turf & Lawn Questions

Our turf specifications are as follows: 

  • Slab dimensions – 400mm x 1250mm
  • Pallet size – 50 square metres
  • Pallet weight –  1 tonne

All our turf varieties are vegetatively produced and are unfortunately not available in seeded form.

Weather permitting, you can mow lightly for the first time three weeks after installation. In the winter months, your newly laid lawn will take longer to establish, therefore you may need to wait longer to mow. When mowing, please remember not to mow more than one third of your grass leaf at a time. 

Hamilton Plains Turf can supply and install your turf; however unfortunately we do not conduct any lawn preparation work. If you require lawn preparation services we can provide you with the contact details of recommended local contractors.

Yes you can! Please refer to the “Contact” section of our website for our location. Please remember that a standard 1 tonne utility can carry on average 50 square metres of turf. Don’t forget your ropes and tarp to safely secure your load.

Yes. Hamilton Plans Turf has affiliations with two friendly local transport companies that can deliver to your required location in the Whitsundays, Central Highlands, Bowen and Mackay regions.

Please refer to the “Turf Calculator” section of our website for a simple to use guide to calculating your square metre requirements, no matter the shape!

Every customer is important to us – no order is too large or too small.

You should install your turf immediately after purchase.

Water your new lawn thoroughly daily for approximately ten days after installation ensuring full saturation of the earth beneath the turf, so that the roots are never dry. Thereafter infrequent and deep watering is preferred to frequent and shallow watering. For further information, please refer to the following video:

Ground preparation is the key to a successful lawn. Please refer to the following video for information regarding turf installation:

Grassmaster should be applied at a rate of 50g – 100g evenly per square metre of lawn every three months and watered in well. 

For more information on the Terra Firma Fertiliser product range, click here.