Turf Installation

With a friendly professional team of turf layers available, we can provide you with a competitive turf installation quote for any terrain on residential or commercial projects at your desired location in the Whitsundays, Central Highlands, Bowen and Mackay regions.

If you wish to prepare and install your newly purchased turf yourself, simply follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have cleared your designated area free from any weeds or waste materials.
  2. Loosen the ground, apply topsoil and Organic Life.
  3. Level off your designated area to ensure a smooth working surface.
  4. If the soil is hot, cool it off with water to moisten the ground prior to laying.
  5. Lay your turf the same day as purchased.
  6. Water your turf within one hour of installation.
  7. Continue to water your new lawn daily (multiple times a day may be required in hot weather) for approximately ten days ensuring full saturation of the earth beneath the turf, so that the roots are never dry.
  8. Once the roots on your new turf have embedded themselves (generally two – three weeks after installation), lightly mow your lawn. Unsure how to tell if the roots are embedded? Simply grab hold of the turf matt and see if you can lift it. If you can’t, then you are right to mow!
  9. Apply your first application of Grassmaster four to six weeks post installation.

Lawn Maintenance

Watering Tips

  1. Begin watering your turf within one hour of it being laid. Saturate the turf so that at least 7-10cms of soil beneath the turf is wet.
  2. Make sure water is getting to all areas of your newly laid turf. Corners and edges are easily missed. Try to water early in the morning as there is less wind and low temperature to effect the watering. Please note that you may need to water multiple times a day in hot weather. 
  3. After ten days your turf should be established. Very gently pull back a corner of turf and see if the roots are established. 
  4. After your turf is established, deep infrequent watering is preferred to frequent shallow watering because the turf’s roots will only grow where there is moist soil.

Fertilising Your Turf

For a healthy and strong lawn, we recommend Grass Master or Super Grass be applied three to four times per year at the recommended label rates.

Organic Life

Before installing your turf apply Organic Life as a turf launcher.


To maintain your lawn, apply Grassmaster at least four times per year. You will have fewer weeds in a well fertilised lawn!.

Pests and Weeds

  1. If your lawn is attacked by lawn grub, army worm or African black beetle, then apply suitable pesticides as per chemical application specifications.
  2. A well fertilised lawn has very little weed competition. Ensure you pull out weeds by hand before seed heads appear.